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Linda Jupiter began her career in book production while working at W. H. Freeman and Company in San Francisco. For eight years Linda learned her trade of publishing soft and hard science college and graduate textbooks. When Freeman moved to New York to be closer to its parent organization, Scientific American magazine, Linda continued working in print production (trade books, textbooks, technical books, and catalogs). Over the years, Linda has managed production of a wide variety of publishing projects. Clients have included America Online, Apple Computer, Addison-Wesley Longman, Benjamin Cummings, Cogito Learning Media, GPI Books of Miller Freeman, Hewlett-Packard, Johnny G Publishing, Jossey-Bass, Macworld, Pacific Bell, PC World, University of California at Berkeley, Scott, Foresman and Company, Wendy Earl Productions, and Xerox Corporation.

Eight years ago, Linda moved to Mendocino County, from San Francisco, and started Jupiter Productions. She loves freelancing and living close to nature. Linda is currently producing books for Wadsworth, Brooks/Cole, and Berrett-Koehler, and also manages art coordination for Benjamin Cummings’ books through Production Department LLC.

Linda is a pro at managing a project from manuscript to the printed page. By working directly with authors, editors, designers, proofreaders, artists, photo researchers, indexers, printers, and binders, Jupiter Production offers publishers quality project management services and produces beautiful and readable books
in a timely manner.